Antifa's next target? America's police

The left-wing extremist group known as antifa is gearing up for insurrection. And the primary target may be America’s already beleaguered police force.

A special report from WND reveals a number of antifa groups have begun explicitly targeting police departments on the grounds the thin blue line is composed of “oppressors.”

Among the most militant is the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement, or RAM, a new group whose activities have been widely covered by the antifa information hub It’s Going Down.

RAM most recently drew headlines when it announced plans to deface and destroy more historical monuments on Oct. 9 as part of an upcoming “Deface Columbus Day.” However, a closer look at the group reveals a far more ambitious and radical agenda.

The group’s program draws inspiration from convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu Jamal, who murdered Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner in December 1981. RAM claims “essentially, the Civil War never ended” and suggests slavery still exists.

“The struggle against chattel slavery, from neighborhoods demolished by the ‘war on drugs’ to the prison-industrial apparatus, and resistance to U.S. expansion across the continent is the same war being waged today in another form,” claims the introduction page on RAM’s website, RevolutionaryAbolition.org.

The WND Special Report “Antifa: What Americans Need To Know About The Alt Left” shows antifa activists have always held a special hatred for police officers. The antifa slogan, “A.C.A.B.,” short for “All Cops Are B—–ds,” is often found as a graffiti tag or on clothing or patches.

Indeed, the TORCH Network, a network of antifa groups from around the country, explicitly compares police officers as inherently similar to white supremacists on the group’s “Points of Unity” page. Explaining why antifa “do not rely on the cops or courts to do our work for us,” it says “cops uphold white supremacy and the status quo.”

“They attack us and everyone who resists oppression,” claims the group. “We must rely on ourselves to protect ourselves and stop the fascists.”

“Antifa: What Americans Need To Know About The Alt Left” shows the anti-police stance of antifa has increased in recent years, especially after the growth of the Black Lives Matter movement.

It reports:

Antifa recently participated in a protest in Nashville, Tennessee, against the Fraternal Order of Police, whom it claims supports “killer cops.” The Base, a self-described “anarchist political center” dedicated to the dissemination of “revolutionary left and anarchist ideas and organizing,” has hosted workshops describing the need to “abolish the police” because they are “racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist pigs.” An armed antifa group known as the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement… has been hosting anti-police workshops entitled “Our Enemies In Blue,” with its activities promoted by key antifa websites such as ”It’s Going Down.”

RAM, in particular, is also implictly calling for something akin to revolutionary warfare within the United States.

“The need for organization beyond protest movements is glaringly obvious,” RAM states, drawing favorable comparisons to the armed rebels in Chiapas, Mexico, and revolutionaries forming an “autonomous enclave in Athens, Greece.”

Not surprisingly, RAM has also called for property seizures, telling members to “expropriate” goods to “begin the revolutionary process.”

Such rhetoric comes at a time when antifa activists have been categorized as terrorists by experts such as Joseph Giacalone, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a retired NYPD sergeant.

And “Deface Columbus Day” on Oct. 9 is likely just the beginning, as a coalition of antifa groups, including the Revolutionary Communist Party, is calling for mass protest on Nov. 4 to remove the “Trump/Pence regime.”

Given the rhetoric and motivation of the groups involved, America’s police officers are likely to be on the front lines of a nationwide effort to provoke a conflict, incite violence and, in the hopes of antifa, start a revolution.

“Our historical mission is clear,” as RAM puts it in its “Political Framework.” “We must burn down the American plantation once and for all.”

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