As far as the Las Vegas shooting goes, being a reporter and truther, I have a few questions that is not being addressed by the so called mainstream media. Here they are:

1) There were enough shots fired “from the 32nd floor room” that would have over 2,000 spent shells on the floor. The pictures do not show hundreds of shells, much less 2,000. why? These pictures are reportedly made by the police and was not suppose to have been released. There is now an investigation into who released them. These are at the time of the investigation before any clean up was done. Everything in these photos are as they were found. Where are the spent shells? The floor should be covered in over 2000 shells!! There are a few scattered about for effect, but not 2000 shells. From these pictures I can’t even count 100 shells.

2) I have seen numerous cell phone videos of the actual shooting from the crowd’s cell phones and many of them, including the cab driver’s video, show the building from many angles and top to bottom. If you have not seen the flash from an AR15, which is what I hear the gunman used, along with other guns, then you won’t know that the AR15 at night, would light up your world!! It’s a huge flash that is very bright. I do not see one video with a huge flash coming from the 32nd floor or any floor for that matter. Now, there may be something I haven’t seen, but I’ve seen too many videos to think I may have missed it. Here is my video I did to show that and other problems I have with this narrative being drilled into us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPZITL3UO60&t=724s

3) Why aren’t the media reporting on the other hotels who had active shooters with people down as reported by the guests yet the scanner says all reports are ‘none found’? There were other hotels being shot up or at least that’s how it was reported to the police as heard on the scanner. According to the scanner, people are running, reports of active shooters, people down, even medics saying they are being fired upon at the Tropicana, yet police say no shots fired but people running. The Bellagio (video here )had a gunman shoot thru the doors of the lounge near the main entrance, too far away ( 1.4 mi ) from the Mandela Bay and at a different angle that could have been in the line of fire. However, the scanner of the police say “negitive shots fired at the Bellagio” when the guest there said she saw the door shattered from the gun shots? The Aria, the New York New York, the Luxor with suspicious package, Tropicana, Ceasar’s live shooter, the Paris hotel has live shooter, and several more hotels had shots fired and people down on the police scanners, yet was cleared as nothing found, no shots fired. Then why were the people running for their lives? They hadn’t even heard about the Mandalay Bay shooting yet cuz it was going on at the exact same time. ( hear scanner here) Why isn’t this being reported when the guests staying at these hotels were on lock down because of the shootings there? Why did these hotels have this chaos and at the exact same time the Mandelay’s shooter was being taken down? These hotels didn’t even know about the Mandelay shooting at that point so it was not chaos because of the concert shooting. Video proof is out there. Another guest saw multiple shooters at the 32nd. Floor of the Mandalay Bay. Here is a video with a theory I’ve heard from Anonymous and other sources but it’s in this video about the guest next door from the shooter. Another police scanner shows active shooter inside the fairgrounds. No confirmation on how that fairgrounds active shooter turned out. My question is, why so many “active shooter” reports with people running for their lives for nothing? No one knew anything was going on in any of the other hotels so why were they running for their lives if there was no shooters? How did the police clear the scene and report no active shooter so fast? These are huge hotels, so how did they go thru every inch of the hotel to confirm no active shooter that fast? Here is a video showing shots on the ground toward a cop. At the start of this video you see what looks like shots going thru a tarp of some kind from what appears to be laterally shot...or ground level, then the long shots start from above on the 32nd floor. Here's another scanner about shots fired about the 15th floor. In that same video you'll see what appears to be 2 security guards who appear to be shooting into the crowd with automatic weapons. Whether they were or not, I don't know, but it sure look like it...even in slow motion.

4) Why is CNN interviewing a lady who is saying there were shooters on the ground hearding the people with their gun fire and even going to the employee parking lot and shooting people there when that women being interviewed is documented being on Dr. Phil’s show as a narcissist back in 2012. She can’t be trusted. ( my video of that here )But why plant the seed that there were shooters on the ground? To add to the disinformation? Was she a crisis actor? A plant?

5) If this “shooter” did knock out those 2 windows to shoot thru, why didn’t the hotel have cops up there? There are cameras all over Las Vegas, in the hotels everywhere. They know exactly what is going on every second of the day. So, surely they knew these windows had been busted so why wasn’t someone sent up?

6) The reports on MSM say the security guard who was shot in the leg was shot at the door when the shooter and cops first arrived at his door. However, I have heard the reports, but can’t locate those now, that he was shot downstairs by another shooter!! It was on a police communication I heard.

7) With all the camera all over the city and in all hotels, casinos, everywhere in Las Vegas, why aren’t those cameras being examined for evidence? Why haven’t we heard about that? What did they show if they have been examined? After all, there is no reason to keep them secret since there will be no court, cuz the person who supposedly did this is dead so why the secret? Las Vegas is a police state, they have you on camera everywhere you go there.

8) Why is the MGM owners backing ISIS and Antifa and CAIR a Islamic terrorist organization? MGM owns the Mandela Bay and other hotels.

9) Why are there sounds of more than one gun firing at different distances yet the media is reporting only one shooter at the 32nd. Floor? One shooting sounds far away while others up close. The police scanner shows no other shooters either but how did they determine that so quickly, within just a few minutes if that long? They called the hotel security and they told the police there was no live shooters there. Then why were their guests running for their lives?

10) An NBC news reporter is interviewing a lady, Brianna Hendricks with her mom, Shawn by her side, who was told by another concert goer that they were all going to die tonight. See that video here. What was that all about? How did the lady who gave the threat know about the shooting that took place only 45 min. later after telling Brianna? Why hasn’t the press asked the cops who was the woman who threatened everyone would die tonight? Seems after they interviewed Brianna Hendricks, who told us this, she disappears and no one wants to know who the woman was that threatened this. Why?

These are legitimate questions, not conspiracy theory. These are questions that a real investigative journalist should be asking and getting answers to. Why would the media have to write articles discounting what “fringe news” is reporting while they do not report the real news? These are questions the police and the FBI should be asking. The evidence collected should NOT be secret on the worse mass murder in our history because this is not a case where there will be a court action thus, no reason to keep all the evidence secret. This should be a very transparent investigation giving the public everything they find….unless there is more than is being reported. Can you see how messed up this whole picture is? It’s like a Picasso painting, nothing looks like it’s suppose to look.

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