Two US nuclear bombers fly close to North Korea in show of force

The US B-1B strategic bombers flew over South Korea today as part of an air show designed to intimidate North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong-un.

The supersonic bombers, which cost more than a quarter of a billion each, flew low over Seoul Air Base for eight minutes.

The brazen show of force follows weeks of bellicose rhetoric from Kim and Trump, who threatened to "totally destroy" North Korea if force to do so.

Trump is amassing warships in the region, including aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, amid fears Kim may test another nuclear weapon or ballistic missile.

US war drills were ramped up this week as warships fired a barrage of shells into the sky during joint exercises with South Korea.

Today Trump showcased his air capability, with his bombers conducting air-to-surface missile firing drills before appearing at the airshow in Seoul.

Two South Korean F-15K fighter jets escorted the bombers as they flew west over the base, swooping just 450-500 meters above the ground at one point.

"Their altitudes were so low that they were seen well from the stands, and not only the roar, but even a little vibration was also felt that spectators gaped at them," a defense ministry official said.

The bombers entered South Korean airspace after taking off from Anderson Air Base in Guam earlier in the day.

The flight comes just 11 days after the US flew two B-1B bombers took part in a surprise military drill off the coast of North Korea.

A total of six military planes – including the two US B-1B bombers – took part in the show of force amid fears Kim Jong-un's regime is gearing up to launch another nuclear missile.

North Korean state media has lashed out at the "chief criminal" US for holidng provocative war drills in the region.

State owned newspaper Rodong Sinmun said such "sabre rattling" could “ignite a nuclear war” in which North Korea “annihilate the US imperialist aggressors".

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