EU residents facing loss of 'democratic process'

Citizens of the European Union would face total “federalization” of the continent and the loss of any “democratic process” if a plan proposed by French President Emmanuel Macron is adopted, says a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

“The people would have no say in changing the direction of Europe,” warns economist Martin Armstrong in a report on his website.

He monitors a wide range of issues, explaining historical patterns and market behavior “in timing, price and crisis to better understand and identify potential future trends.”

He explained the region in is turmoil for a number of reasons, including Britain’s exit from the EU and a failing economy.

Riding to the apparent rescue, he pointed out, is France’s new president.

He wants the European Union’s 28 commissioners to be reduced to 15, and instead of being elected by and representing their own nations, they would be elected by the entire union.

Armstrong said the “priority would then, in theory, be given to the professional competence of the candidates rather than representing member states.”

“This would be the federalization of Europe and totally eliminate any democratic process. The people would have no say in changing the direction of Europe.”

He said Macron’s suggestion would “create European politicians.”

“To deal with the end of a democratic process, he has suggested that these 15 commissioners be elected by all EU citizens in the longer term. He has said that with BREXIT, the British vacancies should be the first to be open to elections of all remaining Europeans in the EU. When commissioners are elected by their own politicians, then Macron argues they are not being elected by a European choice of citizens.”

He suggests a smaller group would be able to forge the EU “as a single government at last.”

Armstrong said the argument is that such a group is more maneuverable and could work to end the economic doldrums crippling the member nations.

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