Palestinian Man Throws Rock On Israeli Boy Playing In Spring

A Palestinian man dropped a large rock on a 12-year-old Israeli boy who was playing in a spring with friends in the West Bank city of Hebron, knocking him out, the IDF said over the weekend.

“Such violence is nothing less than terror,” the IDF spokesman said.

The incident was caught on CCTV near the Abraham’s Well spring in the Jewish part of the city.

The boy fell into the well and was rescued by friends who immediately called the authorities, the Jewish community of Hebron’s representative Noam Arnon said.

The unconscious boy was transported to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem where he received 10 stitches for the head wound. The boy later regained consciousness, the hospital stated.

Responding to an inquiry into the attack, the IDF spokesman said that an “unidentified Palestinian” was responsible for throwing the rock and that security forces were “searching the area for suspects.”

A video from army security cameras appears to show the man hurl the rock into the pool before running away.

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