Why the left is a political death cult

It occurs to me, a former leftist and the guy who invented the term alt-left more than a year ago, that there’s another appropriate term describe the nature of the tactics and strategy those we good-naturedly and euphemistically call “progressives.”

Maybe President Trump will like this word and claim it as his own, too. It’s OK with me.

But before I tell you the word, let me explain what the left uniquely does to its adversaries – people like Trump, Steve Bannon, Dinesh D’Souza, Rush Limbaugh, me, anyone they really don’t like.

One way you could explain what they attempt to do is to ex-communicate them from polite society. That’s putting it ever so mildly. But the idea is to hold those with whom they disagree in utter contempt. It’s very close to accusing them of political heresy. But even that is not quite strong enough.

They strongly suggest their opponents represent a clear and present danger to society. They even do this retroactively by demolishing statues of some of America’s greatest leaders – in fact, the country’s Founding Fathers.

What is the purpose of that action? It is to tarnish their names, to discredit any historic contributions they may have made to the advancement of liberty, to ensure they are never cited as brilliant statesmen in the future and to call into question their moral fiber and character.

In effect, wouldn’t it be accurate to say the political left is not only attacking their ideas about constitutional limits on the size and scope of government but actually defaming them as individuals who, having been silenced by death, are in no position to defend themselves?

Let’s take an actual example – George Washington.

Some of his statues have been defaced and toppled by the alt-left crazies. And there are two reasons for it:

  • He was a slaveholder and thus, they conclude, a racist. I’m not going to bother getting into an explanation of why that is not necessarily an accurate or fair conclusion. Nuance is never going to win an argument with the alt-left. Why? Because some of their biggest heroes were racists – people like Margaret Sanger, for instance. She didn’t, by the way, exhibit her racism more than 200 years ago, but rather in the 20th century when she advocated for extermination of black people because they were, in her view, “inferior.”

  • But the second and more important reason they vilify George Washington is because, more than any other historic personality, he represents the founding of America. He’s even called “the Founding Father.” That means he has several strikes against him – he was white, he was a man, they despise him as a paternalistic “father figure, he fought against Native Americans in the French and Indian War, he was a slaveholder and he personifies everything wrong with the founding of America.

Get it?

But it’s not enough to call him names and discredit his accomplishments.

What they seek to do by toppling his statues and monuments is kill his memory.

What other rationale would there be for destroying physical reminders of him? In addition, their real goal is to blot out any memory of what makes America the torch of life and liberty around the world.

And that leads me directly to this new term I am suggesting truly represents the intent of the alt-left in its vicious attacks on their enemies of the past and their enemies of the present.

Are you ready for it? I admit, it’s one you have to think about. It’s one, I believe, will grow on you.


That’s what the left does to its enemies in its quest for power. And, by the way, once the left grabs total power, they no longer have to use political character assassination. The left has a strong historical track record of just plain, old-fashioned murder after solidifying its grip on the reins of power.

If you have any doubts about the left’s ability to erase history through “politicide,” let me remind you tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.

Have you heard any “progressives” repenting for their ideology’s sins of the past?

In the aftermath of Red October, between 50 million and 60 million were murdered by their own government.

So, think about it – “politicide.” Death through politics.

The left is a political death cult.

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