Man Avoids Jail Time for Allegedly Sodomizing His Girlfriend’s Dog

A New York man avoided jail time on Friday for allegedly getting it on with his girlfriend’s dog.

Authorities busted Jesus Gutierrez, 40, in 2016 after obtaining video footage of him allegedly sodomizing his girlfriend’s dog, Princess, using his fingers and grinding up against the animal’s genitalia for approximately 30 minutes.

Gutierrez’s girlfriend installed a camera in her Lower East Side Manhattan apartment that caught the moment the 40-year-old committed the alleged sex acts with the Maltese pooch.

Gutierrez pleaded guilty in December 2016 to a count of misdemeanor sexual misconduct and a violation. He took a plea deal that involved going to counseling for a year.

After Gutierrez fulfilled the terms of the plea deal, Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Phyllis Chu dropped the charge and sentenced him Friday to a conditional discharge if he agreed not to own a pet for five years.

Others charged with sexually abusing animals have faced more than just a slap-on-the-wrist.

A Virginia man was convicted of two charges of animal cruelty in August and faced a five-year prison sentence for the crime.

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