Racially insensitive photo sparks outrage at George Washington University

George Washington University released a statement on Thursday after a student allegedly posted a racially insensitive picture on social media.

A picture posted on Snapchat shows two white Alpha Phi sorority women holding up a peeled banana with the caption "Name: 'I'm 1/16 black.'" The photo, which was not posted by either women in the photo, quickly made the rounds on social media, prompting many to demand the university investigate the incident.

Imani Ross, a student at George Washington University, tweeted a photo of the tweet and tagged the university. She noted that she saw the photo on the "eve of Black History Month."

George Washington University Provost Forrest Maltzman said in a statement that the incident was "disturbing, hurtful and not reflective of who I know we are as a community."

"As a university, we have emphasized our commitment to inclusion and have made clear that “You are Welcome Here." We do this through our actions and our words. Images like the one posted on social media can make people question whether they are welcome at the university, and that is unacceptable to me," Matlzman said.

Matlzman noted that racist language and imagery on college campuses is widespread, and reflects the "need for an ongoing discourse about race."

The university is working with the national headquarters of Alpha Phi and the students on campus who have been affected, according to the statement.

The George Washington Panhellenic Association released a statement Thursday apologizing for the "hurt and anger" caused by the photo.

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