Bob Corker expects Trump to pull out of the Iran deal in May

Sen. Bob Corker expects President Trump to pull out of the Iran deal in May in what would be a major step toward fulfilling a campaign promise.

Corker, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said on CBS’ “Face The Nation” that he expects Trump to pull out of the deal on May 12. That’s the next time Trump would have to decide on whether to recertify the Iran deal, as is required to be done every 90 days.

“The Iran deal will be another issue that's coming up in May, and right now it doesn't feel like it's gonna be extended. I think the president likely will move away from it, unless ... our European counterparts really come together on a framework. And it doesn't feel to me that they are,” Corker said.

When asked if he thinks Trump will pull out of the deal, he said, “I do. I do.”

Trump has promised to pull out of the Iran nuclear agreement, which he has called the “worst deal ever.”

Trump recertified the deal at the end of January, but warned it would be the Islamic Republic’s last chance to abide by the terms of the deal before he pulled the U.S. out.

Trump fired his first secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, last week, and appointed CIA Director Mike Pompeo to take his place. Pompeo is an Iran hawk and was against the deal during his time in the House in President Obama's administration.

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