Robert Reich: Democrats Can Win Back ‘Racist’ White Voters With Socialism

Robert Reich was Bill Clinton’s Labor Secretary and has since established himself as a progressive stark-raving maniac. His latest bit of insanity is a blueprint for democrats to win back voters, whom he says are racist pieces of shit. It’s so easy even a liberal could do it. Reich says democrats can get back the working class racist scum they lost to Donald Trump by wooing them with socialism and other government dependency. I hope the democrats take his advice, I kinda like having Republicans in complete control of Washington.

Reich wrote a piece for Raw Story on how “we” can make sure there is never another President like Donald Trump again. First he outlines what he thinks about Middle Americans who helped elect Donald Trump:

Why did so many working class voters choose a selfish, thin-skinned, petulant, lying, narcissistic, boastful, megalomaniac for president?

It’s important to know, because we need to stop more Trumps in the future.

The answer lies in the interplay between deep-seated racism and stagnant and declining wages. Both must be addressed.

Some white working class men and women were — and still are — receptive to Trump’s bigotry. But what made them receptive? Racism and xenophobia aren’t exactly new to American life. Fears of blacks and immigrants have been with us since the founding of the Republic.

After calling Trump supporters racist, Reich says the big problem is that the economy sucked under Obama and that’s the real reason why these “racists” voted for the President. Don’t worry, Reich has a solid plan to lure these deplorables back to the Democratic Party:

If America doesn’t respond to the calamity that’s befallen the working class, we will have Trumps as far as the eye can see.

A few Democrats are getting the message – pushing ambitious ideas like government-guaranteed full employment, single-payer health care, industry-wide collective bargaining, and a universal basic income.

We also need ways to finance these things, such as a carbon tax, a tax on Wall Street trades, and a progressive tax on wealth.

Did you get all of that? Reich want to raises taxes to pay for socialized medicine, forced unionization, free government money for everyone, and guaranteed government jobs that nobody will need because they are already getting paid to do nothing. If this sounds familiar, that because it’s total and complete socialism. This is what collapsed the Soviet Union and what keeps people in Venezuela from accessing food and toilet paper. Then again, if you don’t eat you don’t shit so maybe that’s an example of socialist efficiency.

But wait, there’s more:

To accomplish all this we have to get big money out of politics.

Even if “Citizens United” isn’t overruled, big money’s influence can be limited with generous public financing of elections, full disclosure of the source of all campaign contributions, and a clampdown on the revolving door between business and government.

Ooh, and the government will pay for all election campaigns too? This isn’t going to get the big money out of politics, it will get all the money out of everything. Pyramid schemes like socialism always implode, leaving everyone broke and destitute.

I didn’t think it was possible for the left to be any more out of touch with average Americans, but here it is. Robert Reich thinks the best way to connect with people who love America, capitalism, and small government is to hit them with big government socialism like they have in Europe and South America. The fact that he has utter contempt for these people he’s trying to dazzle with communism probably doesn’t help his cause much either.

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