YouTube Makes Major Move Against Alex Jones and Free Speech

There is a very real struggle in America today, where the tribalistic liberal left is hoping to install some form of soft fascism in our society.

Sure, this sounds like a mighty large claim to be making, but we mustn’t ignore the ample and compelling evidence for it either. Through their stranglehold on the mainstream, legacy media, the democratic party and their progressive posse have long considered themselves the kings and queens of public perception. With the advent of the internet came a whole new world of realtime communication and publishing that these media magnates couldn’t really touch at first. The internet was just too free at that point.

Now, however, we see that the left have merely repositioned their media gatekeepers at the heads of companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Now, instead of disallowing the opinions of those with whom these leaders disagree, they simply restrict the public’s access to this constitutionally protected speech.

In many ways, this is far more damning than simple censorship…and folks like Alex Jones have been warning us for years. Now even Jones is no longer exempt from the bullying of the publishing monopoly of the liberal left.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ YouTube channel received a strike on Tuesday for violating the site’s community guidelines, The Verge has learned. YouTube removed four videos from Jones’ channel, which has 2.4 million subscribers, that contained instances of hate speech and child endangerment, sources familiar with the matter said. YouTube channels are deleted if they get three strikes in a three-month period.

Two videos contained hate speech against Muslims, and a third contained hate speech against transgender people, sources said. A fourth showed Jones mocking a child who was pushed to the ground by an adult man, under the headline “How to prevent liberalism.” All four of the videos are currently posted on Infowars.

Now, the question is “what constitutes hate speech”, and where does YouTube look for guidance on this subject?

The offending videos do not include Jones’ threatening rant about Robert Mueller, which stirred a controversy earlier this week after it was posted on Facebook. That video does not appear to have been uploaded to YouTube.

A post on Infowars said the videos had been posted “in a news, documentary, scientific or artistic context.” The Verge reached out to Infowars for comment and will update this post if we hear back.

“We have longstanding policies against child endangerment and hate speech,” a YouTube spokeswoman said in a statement. “We apply our policies consistently according to the content in the videos, regardless of the speaker or the channel. We also have a clear three-strikes policy and we terminate channels when they receive three strikes in three months.”

Unless there was some true “hate speech” involved, (which seems highly unlikely), what we are witnessing here is nothing more than political opinions being used to police the First Amendment – which, as defined by the laws of this nation, is unconstitutional and therefore illegal, amoral, and inexcusable.

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