Muy Loco! Tex-Mex Diner Faces Death Threats for Feeding Jeff Sessions

Anti-Trump protesters were driven muy loco – stricken by Trump Derangement Syndrome – after a Houston Tex-Mex restaurant served a meal to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

El Tiempo Cantina posted a photograph of chef Domenic Laurenzo alongside the attorney general with a message noting what an honor it was to serve Sessions.

It wasn’t long before a mob of angry trolls descended on the beloved local restaurant – demanding apologies and calling for a boycott.

“I felt like it was a slap to the community that supports the restaurant and that backs up the restaurant and that works for the restaurant,” Gilma Aguirre told ABC 13.

The hate and vitriol became so severe the restaurant owners shut down their social media pages.

“People are insulting us in such a dramatic fashion, and we feel like we don’t deserve it,” owner Roland Laurenzo told ABC 13. “At least temporarily I had it taken down because I don’t want to be insulted, my children to be insulted, my family to be insulted.”

He also wrote a message explaining that the restaurant was not making any kind of political statement.

“The man came to dinner and he was served without us even thinking about the political situations,” he wrote. “The only thing on our minds was serving great food and giving great customer service.”

And now they’ve become the victims of a rampaging mob of anti-Trump haters.

“We have gotten so many complaints and comments,” he told television station KHOU. “And threats, death threats. This has been extremely shocking to our family.”

Rep. Maxine Waters and Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin must be so proud of their goon squad.

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