'In God We Trust' splashes into Florida's public schools

God is definitely not dead — particularly in Florida.

Beginning this week, all public schools around the state will be required — required! — to display signs on their campuses that read “In God We Trust.”

That’s according to a new bill signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott mandating all school boards ensure the sign is prominently posted in each and every building.

And guess what — even Democrats in the state agree.

“This motto,” said Kimberly Daniels, a Democratic state representative for Jacksonville, in the New York Post, “is inscribed on the halls of this great Capitol and inked on our currency, and it should be displayed so that our children will be exposed and educated on this great motto, which is a part of this country’s foundation. Something so great should not be hidden.”

Careful now; is that the Bible Belt resurrecting and underscoring this country’s roots?

Alabama’s legislators recently passed their own state law requiring similarly — that all schools display the “In God We Trust” sign in prominent locations.

So did legislators in Arkansas and Tennessee, Breitbart noted.

God’s on the march. Fifty years ago, this wouldn’t have been news. Twenty years ago, this would’ve been local news only. Today? In today’s hotly Secular v Sanity world of Mikey Weinsteins booting Bibles from military bases via his Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and atheists demanding the rights of satanists to place baphomet statues in public squares, and the ACLU fighting against utterance of Jesus at city council meetings — well today, this is front-page national news.

This is screaming front-page national news that gives a hint of how Christians are fighting — finally fighting — the secular, progressive forces that are trying to take over America, skew its Judeo-Christian history and upset its Founding Father intent.

The hope is alive.

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