Massive Pedophilia Bust in NJ Snares Surprising Perps

Joe Biden’s now infamous “dregs of society” quote will likely go down in history as one of the more vile misrepresentations of good Americans we’ll hear.

When you say such a thing, you are insinuating that those who support the President are the byproduct of an ugly, cellular process that is meant to be discarded. For craft beer drinkers, they may recognize the word “dregs” as “yeast poop”…and they’re not wrong.

I proffer the following alternative to Joe Biden: The real dregs of society are those who are using their power to systemically traffic human beings for sexual slavery, including an unholy and inordinate number of children. Such a puddle of dregs was recently discovered in New Jersey, where local authorities were apparently getting in on the abhorrent action as well.

Authorities on Tuesday announced the arrests of two dozen men nabbed in a child predator sting in New Jersey, and the suspects include a nurse, a firefighter and a police sergeant.

Attorney General Gurbir Grewal outlined the 24 arrests, part of an undercover operation called “Open House” that targeted men allegedly using social media to lure underage girls and boys for sex. The children were actually undercover officers.

Howell Township police sergeant Richard Conte is among those facing charges, after he allegedly tried to meet someone he thought was a 15-year-old girl. The 47-year-old Conte reportedly claimed he was 19 in online chats, and police say he had condoms in his pocket when he was arrested.

So, Joe, did you want to make a comment about the content of the character of these folks in New Jersey? This is undeniably horrific behavior after all, isn’t it?

We’re not going to hold our breath on your answer, Mr. Biden.

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