SJP Justifies Terrorist Murder of Israeli-American

Just another reminder that Students for Justice in Palestine is an ugly pro-terrorist hate group that operates on college campuses while being funded by student fees.

An anti-Zionist student group at The New School in New York appeared to justify the recent killing of an Israeli-American man by a Palestinian terrorist, claiming, “He was neither a victim, nor a hero.”

Ari Fuld was fatally stabbed in the back on Sunday while standing outside of a shopping mall near Efrat in the West Bank, where he lived with his wife and four children. Video footage shows Fuld bleeding heavily while pursuing and shooting his 17-year-old assailant, Khalil Jabarin, who also tried to attack a female employee at a nearby falafel shop. Fuld succumbed to his wounds shortly afterwards.

In a social media post published on Monday, Students for Justice in Palestine said of the killing: “Colonialism comes with consequences.”

Describing Fuld as “an armed militant right-wing extremist” who in his last broadcast called “for ‘putting (Palestinian) dogs down,'” the student group argued that “He was neither a victim, nor a hero. His fate could easily have been determined by his own militant advocacy.”

SJP’s claim is an apparent reference to a September 13 video posted by Fuld, which he dedicated to victims of terrorism worldwide.

Fuld, who supported Jewish settlement in the Judea and Samaria regions of the West Bank that Palestinians claim for a future state, said in his opening remarks, “Whether it’s the planes that flew into the World Trade Center or the Pentagon … of course the terrorists are to blame, nothing else to be added there.”

“Of course the terrorists who blew up the buses in Israel, or stabbing people in Israel, shooting people in Israel, firing missiles at people in Israel, sending over kite bombs, the terrorists themselves are to blame,” he continued.

“I’ll say it out loud,” Fuld stressed, “if there is a rabid dog that attacks someone, yes the rabid dog must be put down.”

In an apparent effort to avoid any ambiguity, he clarified about a minute later, “I am taking about terrorists, I am not talking about anyone else.”

If only Fuld hadn't called for fighting terrorists, surely the terrorists would have left him alone.

“Colonialism comes with consequences" is a statement justifying not only the murder of Ari Fuld, but Islamic terrorism against Jews in general. But Jews are the indigenous population of Israel. It's the Muslim terrorists who are the colonists and occupiers.

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