Fmr ACLU Exec Blasts Organization as It Breaks Policy to Oppose Kavanaugh: They’ve ‘Become the Mob’

While appearing on Fox News on Thursday, former American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Vice President Michael Meyers took his former organization to task for abandoning civil liberties in favor of “the mob.”

“I was proudest of the ACLU when the ACLU resisted fascism, when it stood up to the mob. Now the ACLU has become the mob,” Meyers told Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Meyers, who now serves as the executive director of the New York Civil Rights Coalition, said the ACLU changed because it got “hijacked by the lunatic left.”

His comments came as the organization caught headlines for abandoning its previous policy of refusing to endorse or oppose Supreme Court nominees. In a statement opposing Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, the group specifically pointed to the sexual assault allegations and deemed them “credible.”

But for Meyers, the organization betrayed a basic principle underlying the United States’ justice system.

The ACLU, Meyers said, became what it wasn’t supposed to be. “It’s supposed to stand up to the mob, it’s supposed to stand for freedom and individual liberty, it’s supposed to stand for the presumption of innocence and it doesn’t make assumptions,” he said.

Later in the interview, he said mere accusations were “enough” for the ACLU to draw conclusions. “This has never been a principle of civil liberties. You can’t accuse somebody and don’t expect evidence to show the person is guilty of something,” he said.

Meyers argued the “lunatic Left” didn’t believe in “anything other than the resistance” and that it discarded concerns for due process.

Meyers, as Hannity noted, joined Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz in deriding the ACLU and arguing it became a tool for those on the left to push their agenda.

Dershowitz, as IJR previously noted, repeatedly attacked the ACLU and said it was “dead in the water.” The ACLU, he argued, “no longer cares about the civil liberties of all Americans.”

He made those comments just after the FBI, with special counsel Robert Mueller’s approval, raided Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen’s office.

“Who’s ever heard of the ACLU coming in, not only justifying — defending — but applauding a raid on a lawyer’s office?” he said.

The ACLU has been behind several legal challenges against the administration since Trump took office. It also seemed to be at the forefront of pushing a progressive agenda through the court system.

During the summer, however, the ACLU seemed to break with liberal orthodoxy when it filed supporting the National Rifle Association (NRA) in a lawsuit against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The group argued that the state went too far in pressuring banks and insurance companies to sever ties with the NRA.

“They cannot abuse their regulatory authority to retaliate against disfavored advocacy organizations and to impose burdens on those organizations’ ability to conduct lawful business,” the New York chapter argued.

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