Fox News: 'About 80 Percent' Of Migrant Caravan 'Are Men Under The Age Of 35'

Fox News reported Monday that the migrant caravan headed to the United Stated from Guatemala and Honduras is composed of "about 80 percent" men "under the age of 35." "We've been told that about 1000 people have applied for asylum here in Mexico," Fox News reporter William La Jeunesse said, "but about 80 percent of the people here are men under the age of 35."

Fox News reports that "about 80 percent" of those in the migrant caravan "are men under the age of 35." pic.twitter.com/ggTs4HNugT

— Chris Menahan 🔹 (@infolibnews) October 22, 2018

"They're going to have to try to cross illegally, which of course is why the president says he might call up the military," La Jeunesse reported.

Mostly men now crossing the #Guatamalen border - rehearsed answer “this is not politics - this is about poverty.” There were women and children but they were at the front of the caravan (smaller numbers). None would say who the organizers are but several said it was organized. pic.twitter.com/MrojSwL3Ul

— Sara A. Carter (@SaraCarterDC) October 22, 2018

Current estimates are around 10,000. However, the South American group is expected to hook up with an organized group of approximately 40,000 Mexicans in the next few days and reach the U.S. border near election week with well over 50k people total. pic.twitter.com/VnEA1FHeFS

— TheLastRefuge (@TheLastRefuge2) October 21, 2018

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