Attempted MURDERER in ‘Migrant Caravan’ really crossing his fingers for re-entry to U.S.

Well this is a touchy subject. That piece of you-know-what who exported his seething hatred from Gab to Pittsburgh believed many terrible things, including that the migrant caravan currently headed north was a vast Jewish conspiracy orchestrated partly by George Soros. His last message sent on that soon-to-be-gone social network was clear that he believed HIAS, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, was importing “invaders” and he wasn’t going to stand for it anymore.

Now even though on some right wing sites you see people saying the ties to the caravan conspiracy in the killer’s anti-Semitic attack were made up by the media, they aren’t. He did think that. It just wasn’t the only thing driving him, because his history shows he’s long been full of rage, hate, racism and flat-out evil, and was latching onto reasons to express it and theories that made it seem more legitimate.

He did believe the caravan was a Jewish conspiracy. He acted on that unhinged belief. But that doesn’t make it not true that the migrant caravan has risks, and it doesn’t make it untrue that Americans should worry about thousands of people with a stated intent of storming our border. We’d be crazy not to think or worry about that — although we can also realistically notice that we have some time and a whole lot of Mexican territory between now and when it comes to a head at the Texas border, if it ever even does.

It ain’t black and white, to put it straight for you. Liberals are especially wrong when they make play-pretend that this is a fateful moral test of America with thousands of innocent families and children and not a whiff of bad intentions or bad actors among them. That’s so fantasy-based it’s almost impossible to believe they believe it. But whether they believe it or not, it isn’t that. Just like in every other mass of humanity small to large, there are bad people in the caravan alongside the good or innocent. It’s this huge deal, a giant unregulated (don’t liberals hate unregulated things normally) activity that’s not being overseen by anyone, and it’s all over the news across the world, and guess what drug dealers and murderers have TVs. So of course some of them see an opportunity. Don’t be stupid.

Fox’s Jenkins also tells the story of another guy in the caravan who is trying to get back in to America after having committed no felony but having been deported, because obviously that will be part of this, too. You know, people that got kicked out trying to get back in.

So sorry to all the people with heartache, but the fact is that it’s not wrong for a country to try to legitimately regulate immigration. It’s not evil to do that. Not even for migrant caravans. And even though evil people and bad guys here at home will use the excuse of the caravan to be evil and act evil, you can’t just give up the responsibility of governing a nation or protecting it from outside harm. Sorry. The world is full of tough unfair things, and it’s tough and unfair to some people to do it, but we actually do have to keep an eye on our border.

It would be great if the right could try not to be racist about it, or spit bile at it, or demonize or fear-monger or rabble-rouse. Then maybe they might have some credibility to raise alarms about it. And if the left would for once in their virtue-signal lives admit unicorns don’t exist and that sometimes even super emotional movements have bad guys in there trying to take advantage, maybe they’d have some credibility.

But so far it’s mostly misses on both. Damn shame.

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