2020 Dems must lurch left or suffer radicals' rage

Most everyone is familiar with the party game limbo and the saying oft repeated while playing it: “How low can you go?”

Well, there’s another saying that will be repeated quite often over the next couple of years having to with Democratic candidates vying for their party’s presidential nomination: “How far left will you go?”

It’s only been a little over a week since the midterms, and already dozens of Dems are lining up en masse, showing at least some interest in running for president. I recently saw a collage of faces of those who are supposedly interested. There were upwards of three dozen.

Most will choose not to run, but of the dozen or so who wish to, they are going to have to throw out any thought of reason and common sense to win the day with their increasingly radical base.

Far-left progressives are gaining strength in the Democratic Party and they will not sit back idly as candidates attempt to duck the issues. Candidates will be forced to pick a side – either the old-guard elitist left, or the new radical progressive. And as socialism is all the rage, candidates will be forced at least tacitly to endorse it.

In other words, moderate Democrats need not apply. Not that there are any left.

One item on the socialist agenda that is gaining in popularity is Medicare-for-all, single payer health care. This is a definite loser in the general election, but candidates will likely be forced to support it during primary season.

The Washington Post seems generally afraid of the “socialism” label. It also appears worried about Democratic candidates becoming tied to the Medicare-for-all scheme.

The day after the midterm election the Post warned that Dems who wish to run for president should avoid signing on and even stressed that there is no great “demand for democratic socialism.”

They added:

“In the [midterm] primary season, activists hounded Democratic candidates to endorse Medicare-for-all, the centerpiece of the Sanders agenda, and a fair number complied. By the general election, most of those candidates were in full retreat after a series of studies estimated the required tax bill at $32 trillion and noted other negative side effects.”

Allow me to translate: Please don’t jerk too far left, or Trump will crush you.

Yet just this past July, DNC Chairman Tom Perez declared that democratic socialist Ocasio-Cortez is “the future of our party.” We can only hope, Tom.

Whether candidates like (God help us) Hillary, Kamala Harris, Spartacus Booker, or Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke believe in socialism is of no account. They may not have a choice but to endorse at least aspects of the increasingly popular far-left socialist platform. And, since those who will run have no core values, they will say and do anything, move as far left as they must, giving little thought to the whiplash they will suffer from trying to snap back to the center.

This presidential election season will be interesting in that the Dems who decide to run will have to lurch ever further left or suffer the consequences. Today’s leftist radicals will not go quietly, and will no longer be controlled or silenced by the ruling class in the party. What they’ve done to Republicans will seem tame compared to what is in store for any Democrat who does not acquiesce to their designs of the new socialist platform.

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