Happy Meal toys blasted for being 'gender-specific'

Twitter users have responded with sarcasm to a proposed resolution by lawmakers in Michigan that would pressure fast-food chains such as McDonald’s to stop putting “gender-classified” toys in their kids’ meals.

“My, my name is Leslie Love. I just sponsored a bill about gender for toys at fast food restaurants because that is more important than better schools, infrastructure, city services and affordable housing,” snarked James (Scribner) Smith.

Smith was taking a shot at state Rep. Leslie Love, D-Detroit, who proposed House Resolution No. 49.

Love told the Daily Signal her aim is to stop fast-food chains from reinforcing gender stereotypes.

“I would visit fast food restaurants and when you go through the drive-thru they always ask if you want a girl’s toy or a boy’s toy, which was really annoying,” she complained. “Just offer people a toy … and move on with it. How do we get caught up in gender identity with a toy?”

But Smith was not the only Twitter user who found Love’s legislative priorities askew.

“Michigan lawmakers now targeting McDonalds kids meals. They want to legislate there be NO DISTINCTION BETWEEN BOY & GIRL TOYS,” wrote Cindyseestruth.

And PatriotandNationalist62 wrote, “So everything is running so well in Michigan they can waste time on fast food toys??”

Love stuck to her agenda, however.

“We’re telling them (children) in advance … that this toy equals a boy and this toy equals a girl. We’re setting up this prejudice in our children unconsciously, unknowingly. It has become so ingrained that this dysfunction is almost normal,” she said.

The proposal states: “If a customer desires a toy, it should be one of his or her choice without classification by gender. Customers should simply be offered the choice of toy.”

The resolution does include a reference to “her or her choice.”

The resolution list the purported negative effects of gender-codified fast-food toys, including “damage to the imagination and aspirations of children.”

Amy wrote on Twitter: “1% of the population is now ruining McDonald’s. UNHAPPY MEAL: Michigan Lawmakers Want to Ban Fast Food Chains from Officer ‘Gender-Specific’ Toys.”

Love told the Daily Signal she’s received positive responses to her plan. Her objective is to give fast food companies “an opportunity on their own to agree, take a look at their culture and see how they can do better.”

Such campaigns already have taken hold at companies such as Target, which many months ago promised to quit using the color blue for boys’ toys sections and pink for girls.

The resolution next is facing a vote in the Michigan House Commerce Committee.

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