‘Transgender’ Children as Young as Ten Legally Changing Names Rising

The number of cases of parents are using Deed Poll to legally change the gendered names and titles of their children has risen significantly, as more children claim to be transgender.

The UK Deed Poll Service has found that at least one under-16 is having his title changed from “Master” to “Miss” or vice versa every day, usually accompanied with a change to the child’s birth name, reports the Sunday Times.

Children must have the consent of the parents to change title and/or name, and the service comes with a fee of £35.

Senior Deed Poll officer Louise Bowers said, “We used to issue a couple of these deed polls every couple of months — but now it’s seven to 10 a week,” adding “The majority are teenagers — 14 or 15 — but they go down to the age of 10.”

Ms Bowers observed where that at one time there were more “Masters” changing to “Miss,” the opposite is now the case, matching trends reported by the Tavistock Centre — Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) specialists for children presenting with gender dysphoria — in 2017-18 that girls wanting to change gender outnumbered boys two to one.

Breitbart London reported in November on one teacher who warned that children believing they were the wrong gender were appearing in clusters in her schools, with older ‘transgender’ children grooming and coaching younger, vulnerable children.

The whistleblower teacher had said that the majority of the 17 transgender pupils at her school were socially awkward girls or those with mental health issues.

Unscrupulous medical professionals prescribing hormone suppressants to underaged children — the NHS guidelines say children under 16 should not be prescribed body-altering drugs — are also contributing to the phenomenon.

Dr Helen Webberley, from Wales, was found guilty of illegally prescribing sex-change hormones to children as young as 12 and of running an illegal clinic in December. Her husband, also a doctor, said he would continue his wife’s work at Gender GP.

The services of Gender GP are recommended by youth transgender pressure group Mermaids, which seeks to abolish the minimum age range for giving gender-confused children drugs which cause permanent sterility.

Mermaids, which was legally barred from contacting a family after acting as an advisor to a mother who abused her son by forcing him to live as a girl, had been awarded hundreds of thousands of pounds in taxpayer cash in the past and was to be given half a million pounds by the National Lottery’s Big Lottery Fund until the charity said it would review the decision in light of a “range of correspondence.”

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