Mississippi approves 'heartbeat bill'

A southern state has taken another bold move to protect preborn babies, though the issue must ultimately go through the federal court system.

Mississippi is the latest state to approve a "heartbeat bill," which calls for barring the abortion of a preborn child whose heartbeat can be detected. State Senator Joey Fillingane (R) says the move is in part a response to pro-abortion advances recently made in New York and Virginia. New York approved abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, while Virginia ultimately backed off on a similar proposal.

"I feel like many of your more conservative state legislatures will be looking at bills like the heartbeat bill and other bans on abortion that really emphasize the polar opposite of what's going on in New York and Virginia and talking about the sanctity of human life and how important it is that we would protect the unborn," Fillingane comments.

The heartbeat bill was overwhelmingly approved in the Mississippi Legislature, and according to a recent poll, the state's voters also support it.

"The Mason-Dixon Polling company polled the state on this very issue of when they would like to see the unborn protected, and over 65 percent of Mississippians polled in April of 2018 said that they would like to see after the heartbeat is detected ... that the unborn be protected and brought to term," the senator relays.

Fillingane expects the law to be challenged, but with a more conservative U.S. Supreme Court by the time it reaches the nine-member panel, he believes the measure stands a good chance of becoming law.

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