Norwood couple sentenced for rape of daughters will likely die in prison

A judge sentenced a Norwood man who abused his three daughters and his wife who covered up the abuse for 14 years. Neither Herman See nor Angela Stites will ever get out of prison.

A jury convicted See on 22 counts of rape, five counts of sexual battery, two counts of unlawful sexual conduct of a minor and gross sexual imposition. Stites was convicted of four counts of rape, four counts of complicity to rape, gross sexual imposition and two counts of child endangering.

See called his daughters liars throughout the hearing.

Two of See's daughters spoke at the sentencing. The women talked about the abuse and the loss of their childhoods. Both said they have PTSD from the years of abuse.

"For years, I was told to love you in ways I should have never felt or ever seen," said one daughter. "For years, I was brainwashed into thinking all fathers did what you did and if we ever told anyone you would go back to jail where you've been hurt before so I kept it to myself."

When she took a second to compose her self, See shouted, "Take a breath for your lies".

She also had harsh words for Stites, who she said used to pick fights with her. "You were mad you had to share him. You were mad he wasn't attracted to you anymore and that's disgusting."

Another daughter told See, "You took my virginity, my dignity and my self-respect and most of all you took the ability for me to love and trust another human being."

She said she tried to tell her mother about the abuse, but See talked her into saying it was all a dream.

The abuse wasn't all sexual, according to one daughter. "How many times did you have pills or weed instead of us having food. More times I can remember than not. You both failed me, you failed every one of your kids. You failed everyone around you and now you get to pay for what you did to us girls."

When it came time for sentencing, See told the assistant prosecutor, "Good Hollywood show, you did a good job."

Judge Patrick Dinkelacker said that was unnecessary. He asked See if he had anything else to say. He replied, "Not to you". Then a few minutes later, See accused Judge Dinkelacker of not letting him speak and then told him, "You will answer to God yourself."

See went on, "Your life sentences are far from threatening me, it don't scare me and I will not bow down to you or your courts."

Judge Dinkelacker told See that he thinks he cared more about See's children than See ever did. "I hope the justice system does its thing and keeps you in prison until you die and they take you out of prison in a box."

Judge Dinkelacker sentenced See to 221 years in prison and four life sentences. He sentenced Stites to 86 years in prison. They must register as Tier III sex offenders.

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