4,000 Miles Away: Europe Racked by Riots and Protests Over Death of American George Floyd

( Breitbart )

Cities across Europe have been ravaged by Black Lives Matter protests and riots, ostensibly in support of protests over the death of George Floyd, a citizen of the United States in the city of Minneapolis.

Activist groups across the European continent and in the United Kingdom have used the death of Mr Floyd to stage large scale protests in clear defiance of national lockdown regulations imposed on regular citizens during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

Leftist groups have taken the opportunity to link instances of police violence in the United States with the situation faced by illegal migrants in Europe. Yet the protests seem to have taken on a life of their own, divorced from the original pretext. As British journalist and author Douglas Murray told the UK’s Talk Radio on Monday:

“The protests now are completely divorced from the original issue. Almost everybody I can think of, I have heard from, is united in being horrified by the manner in which George Floyd was killed, by the policeman who detained him. But the death of one man in Minnesota at the hands of one policeman is not a reason for people to — in their thousands — to turn out in cities across the world, certainly across all of Europe… repeatedly day after day.”