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4 People Killed, 2 Possibly Unaccounted For In Pottstown House Explosion, Officials Say

( CBS )

Four people are dead and at least two others are injured after a house explosion in Pottstown. Two other people may still be unaccounted for, authorities say.

Now, investigators are going through what’s left of three homes that were leveled in the blast.

When you consider the loss of life and destruction, we know this was a devastating house explosion.

Crews are still spraying the home with water as neighbors try to pick up the pieces.

Fire crews were first called to Washington Street and Butler Avenue in Pottstown around 8 p.m. on Thursday.

When they got to the scene, they found a house had exploded and multiple people needed medical attention.

Four people were killed, two others were injured, and two more may be unaccounted for, according to the Pottstown borough manager.

The damage from this explosion is extensive.

In total, three homes were destroyed by the blast and debris and dry wall from those homes has been spewed across the neighborhood.

Plus, fire crews have been battling a two alarm fire since the explosion took place.

Despite all the damage, many of the neighbors Eyewitness News spoke to are most worried about how families have been affected by this tragedy.

“Out back smoking a cigar and then a bomb went off,” one neighbor said. “Just dust, debris, houses flying everywhere, an air conditioner in the yard. So I came out and looked and there’s no more house left. The whole twin is gone.”

School has been canceled Friday throughout the borough of Pottstown, and anyone who’s been affected by this explosion is being told to go to the Pottstown Senior High school to get help from the Red Cross.

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