ADL Won't Stand Up to Islamic Anti-Semitism, Targets Conservative Jewish Paper Instead

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The ADL, in the Greenblatt era, won't actually stand up to anti-Semitism in the Democrat Party. Particularly from Rep. Omar and Rep. Tlaib.

But the ADL can always find the time to harass Jews.

This time around, the lefty group decided to go after the Jewish Press, a conservative Orthodox Jewish paper, for running an op-ed critical of a gay pride parade. Why did the ADL suddenly decided to go after a Jewish paper in Brooklyn while failing to fight Democrat anti-Semitism?

The Jewish Press had reprinted a number of my columns attacking the ADL, such as "ADL: A Threat to Jews".

The ADL was apparently not flattered.

Meanwhile donors to the ADL can rest easy that the organization won't fight anti-Semitism, but will fight against religious Jews. Especially if those religious Jews are critical of the ADL.

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