Alabama Senate Passes Bill Making it a Class C Felony to Change a Child’s Gender

( ncdailygazette )

Democrats are sick and twisted people without any objective foundation for morality. While wicked people tend to flock to the Democrat party in droves, Republicans usually only take the opposite position by default. In fact, in most cases, Republicans tend to be dragged by the Democrat party further to the left.

However, in some cases, the Republican Party is rebuilding itself with common sense, sane people. There are fledgling examples of this across the nation. But, one good example of this is the recent passing of legislation by the Alabama state Senate banning the “transgendering” of children.

This week, the Alabama Senate passed a bill that would make it a Class C Felony for a doctor to perform cross-gendering therapies on a child. The Bill, Alabama SB10, reads that it “would prohibit the performance of a medical procedure or the prescription or issuance of medication, upon or to a minor child, that is intended to alter the appearance of the minor child’s gender or delay puberty, with certain exceptions.”

The exceptions include only to “treat a minor born with a medically verifiable disorder of sex development” including “born with external biological sex characteristics that are irresolvably ambiguous” which is then described as genetic chromosomal abnormalities or a condition where a “physician has otherwise diagnosed with a disorder of sexual development, in which the physician has determined through genetic or biochemical testing that the person does not have normal sex chromosome structure.”

This is one of the strongest pieces of legislation to ever hit the floor regarding the protection of children against sexual experimentation and exploitation by leftists. Thankfully, there is a growing movement against this nonsense and people around the country are waking up to it and doing something about it.

The bill also makes it illegal for nurses, teachers, counselors, or any other school official to coerce a child to withhold the fact that his or her perception of their gender is inconsistent with their biological and for the officials to withhold this information from the parents.

The Bill now moves to the House for vote.

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