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Aldis Grocery Chain is Already Selling Cricket Food For Our Consumption

by: Linda Kirby/WGON

I was watching news videos and they are saying we will definitely have a bad recession this year.

The shortage of food will be 2/3 of the supply of food. So, 1/3 of food will be available. This will happen all over the world...the US and Europe as well, they say. Aldi, the grocery store chain has already started marketing bug for us, not for bugs...the bugs are the food for human consumption. Here’s a screenshot of the ingredients of one of the boxed “foods”.

As you can see this is no joke. They are now feeding us bugs!! Cricket meal is already in many food products in Canada and probably in the US. What will happen is, they will make food so expensive or so hard to come by that you will have no choice but to eat bugs. Is this beyond evil or what?

Now, I recall that the people who escaped N. Korea who were forced to eat grass, bugs, bark on threes, were examined and they found that their bodies were filled with all kinds of parasites that were in the bugs, grass, barks of trees. So, my question is, did these “food “ products get rid of those parasites somehow? Regarding the crickets, humans don't have the digestive enzymes to digest them like birds and reptiles do, as I understand it.

Bill Gates says of Europe’s coming cold winter and food shortages, that in the long run, it’s good for them to get off the habit of using fossil fuel and go green. He says it will be allowed to have some fossil fuel for people to be able to get to work, notice he didn’t say anything about heating homes, buying food, meds, etc...just to get to work. See, they think of us as their slaves. They call us “useless eaters”. So, for us to freeze to death or starve isn’t like humans dying or suffering to them. We are less than ants to them. They’ve said it in public before. They no longer hold this back or hide it. Now, it’s being said in public.

Is this another fear mongering campaign? Well, based on all the indicators that would affect our food like the burning down of the food plants, list is here. The Mississippi River barges are not able to transport because they are getting stuck in low water. The fact that the war in Ukraine and the fertilizer shortages due to the war could lead us to think there might be something to this claim. This doesn't take into account that the gas shortages and higher prices prevent transporting food and growing and harvesting food. It also prevents industry from producing because they can't afford the energy costs. Then there's the stores that can't afford the energy costs either. It's a domino effect.

What can we do? Well, growing a garden isn't going to work because now, they are demanding you register your home garden. That's right. Now why would they need that? Because, in light of what is going on now, I would assume they will confiscate all food and gardens. When this kicks in they will go around and all preppers, home gardens and anyone who purchased more food than they think you should have will have everything taken. China does this too. We have been following China's lead for many years now. If you recall communist states have done this since the beginning of communism.

So, I can only answer that question, "what can we do", with in the Lord. He fed over a million people in the desert for 40 yrs. He fed hundreds of people with 5 loaves and 3 fish. I think, if we are still here, He can feed us also. So, fear not because He is with us.

Frankly, I believe with all my heart the rapture will happen before this kicks into high gear. The bible says life will be normal at the time of the rapture. I don't think the entire world suffering from starvation and freezing to death would be called normal. So, I believe we will be home soon. So, keep looking up.

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