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Another 26-Year-Old Athlete Died From a Heart Attack But It’s Totally Not the Jabs, Y’All

How many of these stories do we have to post before more people start asking questions. We posted one before the weekend. We’ve been posting more every week. Athletes are collapsing. Many are dying. And yet this is supposed to be totally normal for young and otherwise healthy athletes in their 20s and 30s to have heart attacks.

And no matter what, corporate will never, never, NEVER associated the unprecedented increase in athletes having heart attacks with the roll out of the “vaccines.”

The latest athlete to die young from a heart attack was former Arkansas Razorback lineman and St. Louis native Brian Wallace. According to ABTC, he had more than one heart attack:

Wallace’s father told the media that earlier this week his son was in the intensive care unit at a hospital in St Louis, Missouri after he had two heart attacks.
The former athlete was reportedly having issues breathing at work, where he suffered his first heart attack. He had a second heart attack while at the hospital.
Wallace was in command and could not breathe on his own. This is according to his father. No cause of has been confirmed yet.

Of course the cause hasn’t been confirmed, yet. It never will be. It’ll be filed along with all the other “mysterious” heart attacks and other debilitating or lethal ailments that have been hitting young athletes for the last year or so.

In a sane world, the autopsies would be cross-referenced between all the athletes dying and they could say definitively that it’s the jabs. But that will never happen because the last thing they want is for the jabs to be seen as potentially dangerous whether they are or not.

They are.

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