Antifa, Fires, and Foreign Flags at May Day Protests in Germany

( Breitbart )

A mishmash of Antifa banners, foreign flags, and communist and LGBT symbols covered the streets of Berlin, Germany as crowds of leftists turned out for International Workers’ Day, or May Day, on Saturday.

As in Paris, France, the protests would later turn violent, with photographers capturing riot policemen arresting demonstrators, often against a backdrop of licking flames, and dozens of officers reportedly injured.

Signs carried by leftist protesters through the multicultural capital announced a wide-ranging and somewhat conflicting set of demands — sometimes on the same banner, as in the case of one group calling for “BREAD, ROSES, QUEER LIBERATION & FREE PALESTINE”.

(The Palestinian Authority has never introduced specific civil rights protections for LGBT people, male homosexuality remains a criminal offence in the Gaza Strip, and gay Palestinians often flee to Israel to escape persecution.)

Many of the leftists’ messages appeared to be intended for an international audience, calling to “ABOLISH CAPITALISM” and “Open the borders” and regularise the residency of “undocumented migrants” (illegal aliens) in English rather than German, for example.

As darkness began to fall the demonstrations became more violent, with some leftists lighting fires and attacking law enforcement, leaving around 50 police officers injured.

Berlin police chief Barbara Slowik branded the violence “unacceptable” but insisted that while the “situation did degenerate” it was “quickly brought under control.”

Approximately 250 protesters were arrested, according to reports.

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