Antifa Harass Elderly Couple, Refuse To Let Them Cross The Street

( Daily Caller )

A new video from Canada shows left-wing anti-fascist (Antifa) activists harassing an elderly couple and refusing to let them cross the street.

The video, taken during a protest at Mohawk College in Ontario, Canada, shows an elderly woman with a walker and a man trying to cross the street. The Antifa activists stand in their way and continue to shout their slogans, including “Nazi scum, off our street.”

The Antifa were present to protest an event at the college being held by YouTube personality Dave Rubin and Canadian politician Maxime Bernier, according to the CBC.

Journalist Andy Ngo documented instances of violence at the protests on his Twitter page over the weekend.

As in the US, antifa in Ontario, Canada assaulted members of the public outside the venue. A handful were detained in a police van then released without charges. https://t.co/J4ZONAIAOe pic.twitter.com/3Rt3A5R90p — Andy Ngo (@MrAndyNgo) September 30, 2019

Video recorded on Sunday by the Hamilton Spectator in Ontario, Canada shows masked antifa militants attacking the public, interfering in arrests & harassing the elderly. They amassed outside Mohawk College to try & shut down @RubinReport & conservative politician @MaximeBernier. pic.twitter.com/OgrFnehB7F — Andy Ngo (@MrAndyNgo) September 30, 2019

Antifa members have participated in violence in the United States repeatedly, attacking journalists as well as other citizens.

Many Democratic politicians and members of the media have defended the group. Democratic 2020 front runner Joe Biden has expressed warm sentiments for the group, and New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently promoted a fundraiser for arrested members of Antifa.

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