Antifa plans to wear MAGA hats and stage violence: Rumor

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The destruction of the truth in America has been underway for decades, but until recent years the truth has had the upper hand. This can be attributed in large parts to conservatives, but the shift in media sentiment and the rise of Trump Derangement Syndrome has made it more challenging than ever in our history to break through the media jamming of lies and expose more Americans to the truth.

Under normal circumstances, uncorroborated rumors aren’t enough to spark a report. But these are strange times and the circumstances are far from normal, especially as they pertain to the radical progressives in the Antifa movement. Reports on what they may have planned later this month are slim, but it’s worth reporting in case it’s true.

Antifa in Portland is rumored to be planning an event for August 17th in which they wear MAGA hats and other pro-Trump attire while perpetrating violence in an effort to frame patriots. They even called for the use of convincing law enforcement attire to play what I assume would be a different role in the event. Patriot Intel Report YouTube channel seems to be the only source on this plot, but comments in a thread regarding the video posted on Raging Red‘s Twitter account included a flier that is purported being distributed digitally to Antifa members:

Here is the Twitter thread that brought this to my attention:

Antifa is calling for members to wear MAGA hats and other pro-Trump articles, and asking members to get their hands on police uniforms so they can stage “MAGA Patriots” committing violence on Antifa members, and bonus – police brutality against “innocent” antifa pricks. FYI… — Raging Red © (@Raging_Red) August 8, 2019
Probably referring to this… whether it’s true or not, I can’t say for sure, but people should keep eyes and ears open in case they’re stupid enough to try this stunt. pic.twitter.com/SaX6C0jI8h — Raging Red © (@Raging_Red) August 8, 2019

Here’s the video. The Antifa section starts at 5:37.

This may all be rumors that do not come to pass. But considering the extent to which Antifa groups and other radical progressives have disavowed the truth, this doesn’t seem too far-fetched. Better to be prudent and prepared than to be caught off guard.

Of all the plots I’ve heard regarding Antifa, this would represent an escalation that we haven’t seen anyone attempt in some time. Disinformation is the greatest threat to a free and secure America. Antifa must be exposed for what they are.

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