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ArriveCAN features expanding to MORE Canadian airports

( Post Millennial )

In recent weeks, there have been increasing calls to scrap the ArriveCAN app as users highlight its bugs and glitches.

On Wednesday, instead of signalling that use of the app is coming to an end, the Trudeau Liberals announced that its features are being expanded to even more airports across Canada.

The Canada Border Services Agency released a statement detailing their plan.

"To modernize and expedite the travel experience," they began, "the CBSA is now providing travellers the option to submit their customs and immigration declaration up to 72 hours in advance of their arrival in Canada through ArriveCAN."

They explained that the feature is currently only available for international travellers arriving at Toronto Pearson, Montreal-Trudeau, and Vancouver international airport, but that in the coming months, it will be expanded to include seven other Canadian airports.

The expansion is set to include Winnipeg, Halifax, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Quebec City, and Toronto's Billy Bishop Airport.

According to the CBSA, the advanced declaration feature reduces the amount of time travellers spend at a kiosk upon arrival by one third.

Given the large volume of people passing through Canada's airports every day, it has "the potential to save hours in wait time."

The CBSA pointed out that while providing travel and health information via the ArriveCAN app is mandatory, using the advanced declaration feature is optional.

The agency stated that the feature is part of their "Traveller Modernization initiative," hinting that the ArriveCAN app will be used in some capacity for the foreseeable future.

While the Liberals claim the app continues to serve its purpose, many Canadians have suggested that it is creating headaches for travellers, especially those for whom filling out a digital application is difficult.

In July, a glitch in the app forced a quadruple vaccinated man with no symptoms and no positive test results to quarantine.

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