At Least Four Dead in Darwin, Australia, Mass Shooting

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At least four people were killed and a woman injured during a mass shooting in Darwin, Australia, Tuesday evening.

The Guardian reports that the shooting occurred in Darwin’s city center. The gunman was reportedly a 45-year-old Caucasian who was paroled in January and was “well known to police.”

The Washington Post reported that the gunman used a shotgun, which he fired “at the Palms Hotel in the Darwin suburb of Woolner in the late afternoon.” Witnesses claim the gunman “opened fire in a number of rooms” in the hotel.

The gunman was arrested approximately one hour after the shooting.

CNN reported that “a security guard was killed and five others were wounded in an apparent drive-by shooting incident outside a Melbourne nightclub” last month. On March 11, 2018, the New York Times reported seven were killed in a mass shooting “in the town of Osmington in Western Australia.” The seven victims were three adults and four children.

Following the Osmington shooting, Vox ran a story crafted to defend Australian-style gun control from those who pointed out its failure to prevent mass shootings. The story had a subheading that said: “The research is clear: gun control works.”

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