Baby Baphomet takes its place alongside a Christmas tree, Nativity, and menorah in Capitol Rotunda

( WJBC )

The baby Baphomet – a goatlike creature worshipped by Satanists – has taken its place alongside a Christmas tree, Nativity, and menorah in the Capitol Rotunda.

Men from a Catholic group sang and prayed before, during, and after the Satanic Temple of Illinois’ ceremony installing the statue in the Rotunda – which, a large sign points out, is obligated to welcome displays of all faiths — and of the faithless.

What would Jesus do?

“He would whip the Satanists out of the Capitol building,” said John Ritchie of Pennsylvania, part of Tradition, Family, and Property.

He stands with the prostitutes and thieves but would draw the line at the two dozen or so people who put up the statue Monday?

“Jesus stands for the conversion of all people,” Ritchie answered, He is all goodness, He is all justice. Therefore, there is no contradiction.”

“We represent benevolence, empathy, rejection of tyrannical authority, compassion, unity, and religious pluralism,” said the leader of the Satanic ceremony, identifying himself only as “Minister Adam.”

In addition to the various displays, there stands a large sign from the Secretary of State’s office explaining how all of it is legal.

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