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opinion by Linda Kirby/WGON

According to the national weather service, the Siberian Express is due to cover the middle of the country next week. The Ohio River valley is expected to experience some severe freezing that could cause power outages. Those in the south are not getting out of this one. In TN, the temps are due to get to single digits and the deep south are expecting lower teens. This could cause a lot of people to have medical emergencies and even deaths.

Remember last year when Texas had their big power outage in the coldest part of the winter? Almost 300 people lost their lives due to no power. I pray we do not see these same kinds of stats all over the effected areas because that can become thousands.

Let's remember to get all our gear for extreme cold weather and power outages ready. Remember to stay safe with your alternative heating methods because over 200 people in TX died from carbon monoxide poisoning. So, have a carbon monoxide detector. The officials are expecting power failures so make sure you have what you need to stay warm, to see in the dark, cook, and if you are on life supporting machines like oxygen, etc. please have a back up.

Let's pray hard against this weather. Pray for those less fortunate who can't afford to prepare. If you know anyone who can't prep and you can afford to help even a little, please do so. Pray for the homeless and for pets left outside. Please bring your pet indoors during this time.

This is supposed to last a few days in some places. So make sure your preparations will take you through several hard days and nights.

Last year, Texas didn't have any advanced warning so many were left trying to make do. Lots of pipes burst in homes and costly repairs were left for the home owners. You have a good warning now. So, get everything you might need for what can be a bad 3 days for some. And...PRAY for all in the line of this storm!

1994 Nashville, TN ice storm

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