Biden Administration Mandates Coronavirus Vaccines for White House Visitors, Journalists

( Breitbart )

The Biden Administration will begin mandating Chinese coronavirus vaccines for all White House visitors, including journalists, on August 8, according to an email from White House Communications Agency President (WHCA) Steven Portnoy.

The Biden Administration “is also now imposing a similar requirement for all visitors to the White House, beginning this coming Sunday. Per the below memo from the White House, all who enter the complex are being asked to fill out the attached form attesting to their vaccination status,” according to the email, which CNN’s Oliver Darcy tweeted on Friday.

“This requirement will include journalists,” Portnoy continued:

WHCA President @stevenportnoy emails members saying that the Biden admin has imposed a vaccine mandate on all White House visitors. "This requirement will include journalists," Portnoy says, adding those who don't attest to vaccine status will have to pay for same-day Covid test. pic.twitter.com/vT0nX9mFBJ — Oliver Darcy (@oliverdarcy) August 6, 2021

WHCA obtained vaccination numbers by asking members of the press corps to “confidentially share their vaccination status” earlier this year.

While 99.6 percent of more than 500 survey respondents reportedly already have the vaccine, the administration said anyone unvaccinated “must be tested at their own expense at Jackson Place, or show proof of a same-day test” to enter the White House, the email states.

The new proof of vaccination requirement follows the administration’s vaccine mandate for all federal employees and contractors. At the time, President Joe Biden “lashed out” and blamed the unvaccinated for the pandemic, Breitbart News previously reported.

“We have a pandemic, because of the unvaccinated and they’re sowing enormous confusion,” he said to reporters, in late July adding, “If those other 100 million got vaccinated, we’d be in a very different world.”

The Biden administration has continued to increase its public support of vaccine mandates. The White House is even reportedly considering withholding federal dollars to private business as part of its latest push to get more Americans to take the coronavirus vaccine.

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