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Bird POOPS on Joe Biden during infrastructure speech today in Iowa

( Sun )

A BIRD pooped on President Joe Biden during his infrastructure speech today in Iowa, as he's been trolled for "talking s***" on Twitter.

Biden was in the midst of a speech in Menlo, Iowa on Tuesday when he was struck.

"It's about being made in America," Biden was filmed saying in the moments prior to the poo.

Biden was discussing infrastructure and inflation as part of a visit to POET Bioprocessing.

While he didn't seem to notice the splatter on his jacket, many folks did - including the bird responsible for the mess.

"Even the Birds know this guy is full of [poop emoji]," tweeted one user.

"Bird One: "Biden always talks bulls***. Bird Two: "BRB…gotta take a quick birds***," tweeted another.

"Biden wasn't the only one spouting poop today," commented another Twitter user.

"Even The Birds are pissed off now. What's NEXT?," another chimed in.

There was no shortage of jokes and trolling after the incident, with even the bird responsible chiming in.

"Sorry about the poop," tweeted @PoopBiden.

Biden landed in Des Moines earlier in the day ahead of his speech, where EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan was also scheduled to appear.

The president addressed the surge in fuel prices Americans are experiencing around the country,

"Environmental Protection Agency is planning to issue an emergency waiver to allow E15 gasoline — gasoline that uses more ethanol from home-grown crops — to be sold across the U.S. this summer in order to increase fuel supply and lower prices," a tweet from the POTUS account reads.

Biden went on to authorize the release of 1 million barrels per day "for the next 6 months from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve — and over 30 countries agreed to release 60 million additional barrels," saying it is the "largest collective release in history."

The announcement came after Biden first acknowledged the subway shootings that occurred during the morning rush hour in Brooklyn, New York.

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