Black Lives Matter Protesters Riot in Rochester, Harass Restaurant Patrons

( Breitbart )

Black Lives Matter protesters took to the streets of Rochester Friday night, prompting authorities to declare a riot following the escalation of violence and destruction in the area.

Protesters gathered in Rochester on Friday night following the recently released footage of the police-involved death of Daniel Prude, a black man who died of asphyxiation after being subdued and hooded by police in March. Police union head Michael Mazzeo sparked further outrage after stating on Friday that officers were following training protocol.

Demonstrators reportedly attempted to shut down area restaurants and can be seen harassing patrons and throwing chairs.

“We’re shutting your party down,” one protester reportedly shouted at a patron.

Activists reportedly chanted, “If you don’t give us our shit, we shut shit down”:

#HappeningNow the protesters in Rochester NY are "shutting down restaurants", tables are broken, people running off scared #rochesterprotests pic.twitter.com/oxmlZp526w — @SCOOTERCASTER (FNTV) (@ScooterCasterNY) September 5, 2020

The demonstration continued to descend into chaos prompting authorities to declare it a riot and deploy various munitions, including pepper spray. Protesters reportedly hurled “projectiles and incendiary devices” at officers, three of whom were hospitalized for injuries including cuts and burns to their neck:

Fireworks thrown at officers in Rochester New York during the protest. #ROC pic.twitter.com/1z649UsSNg — Geoffery Rogers (@GeofferyRogers) September 5, 2020

A bus stop has been set on fire as hundreds of protesters remain on court street in downtown rochester. #roc #danielprude @News_8 pic.twitter.com/3WVcQxSwtR — Atyia Collins (@Atyia_Collins) September 5, 2020

A bus stop was lit on fire during the protest Rochester New York. #ROC pic.twitter.com/RYmPwu1tom — Geoffery Rogers (@GeofferyRogers) September 5, 2020

Officers running towards protesters and telling everyone to get out of the area. #ROC pic.twitter.com/ksa3CYXXDv — Geoffery Rogers (@GeofferyRogers) September 5, 2020

Second fire started in a dumpster some protest are trying to put it out. #ROC pic.twitter.com/vQnj1ClGdW — Geoffery Rogers (@GeofferyRogers) September 5, 2020

Protest in Rochester declared an illegal assembly. Pepper balls shot into the crowd #HappeningNow #rochesterprotests pic.twitter.com/jkjze9w1c5 — @SCOOTERCASTER (FNTV) (@ScooterCasterNY) September 5, 2020

Tear Gas has been dispatched in Rochester NY #rochesterprotests #protests #HappeningNow pic.twitter.com/NEOwT5XYuQ — @SCOOTERCASTER (FNTV) (@ScooterCasterNY) September 5, 2020

"If you ain't police do not record crimes" – Rochester rioter https://t.co/S7K0PAR41R — special agent viti (@selfdeclaredref) September 5, 2020

According to WROC, 11 people were arrested as a result of Friday night’s riot, three of whom were charged with felonies.

Per the Democrat & Chronicle:

  • Jaeylon Johnson, 21, accused of first-degree rioting and inciting a riot.

  • Jeremy A Yager, 22, accused of first-degree rioting.

  • Barry M. Andrews, 25, accused of first-degree rioting.

This week, Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren suspended the seven officers involved in the death of Prude, stating that the 41-year-old man “was failed by the police department, our mental health care system, our society, and he was failed by me.”

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