Black Panthers In Georgia Neighborhood Protesting Ahmaud Arbery’s Death

( Breitbart )

Video from various sources appears to show armed Black Panthers on Monday walking through the very Brunswick, Georgia, neighborhood where Ahmaud Arbery was shot and killed in late February.

WTOC 11 reports that the Black Panthers were joined by members of a black motorcycle club, both of whom were protesting Arbery’s death.

Arbery was allegedly shot and killed while jogging on February 23, 2020. The New York Times reports that 34-year-old Travis McMichael and his father, 64-year-old Gregory McMichael, “were charged on Thursday, [May 7, 2020,] with murder and aggravated assault.”

NPR reports that Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr “has asked the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to look into the actions of two district attorneys” — Brunswick County DA Jackie L. Johnson and George E. Barnhill — both of whom brought no charges upon examining the case and even recused themselves.

Following Johnson and Barhill’s recusals, the Arbery case was handed to District Attorney Tom Durden, Atlanta Judicial Circuit. On May 5, 2020, Durden requested the Georgia Bureau of Investigation look into McMichael and his father and charges were brought two days later.

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