Updated: Jan 26

BY Linda Kirby/WGON

We often think that God will not punish the evil of this world. He allows them to be rich and with riches comes power. We forget that one day, everyone will have to account for every word and every deed they did or did not do that they should have done.

As I was thinking more on this passage, it came to me. I don’t know how much we all know about the lives of the rich but I know quite a lot. One thing these rich and powerful people fear the most, is not God. It’s the lose of their power and riches. Their riches give them power so if they lost either one, they are no longer where they want to be. They tremble at that thought. So, they live in fear all the time, even if they are too proud to admit it, they are in great fear of losing their power and riches. They hire protection, they have many lawyers, they have all kinds of security set up and yet they still tremble every day that someone richer and more powerful than they will knock them off their pedestal.

Then, there is this other thing they have to live with. They can’t trust anyone. They can’t find real love because people who say they love them only love their money. They marry for position, or a young beautiful lady on their arm, but never for love because love isn’t in them or anyone who units with them.

They are so rich, they can buy anything their hearts desire but no matter what they own, how much they own, there is still a void they can’t fill. They keep trying, but it’s still empty. They don’t realize that the void can only be filled with Jesus. Every rich person who found Jesus, say that the void is filled. They are finally happy and have peace that they didn’t have before.

So, my thought was, we peons think they have the life of Riley, so to speak. We think they have been blessed beyond our imaginations, but if you look at it right, you’ll see they’ve been cursed. They live in constant fear. They are never happy. They rarely laugh and have a truly good time. You may see them laughing but it’s not real. They have no peace at all. Their lives are miserable!! Money doesn’t buy everything. Power can’t give you everything. They, as smart as they think they are, can’t seem to figure this out.

So, when you wonder why are these evil people allowed to be so blessed….I think you have chosen the wrong word there….they are NOT blessed….in fact it is a curse! I’ve heard of people who won millions of dollars in the lottery say it was a curse for them. One guy had his daughter kidnapped for ransom money. Yes, the rich and powerful have that fear as well. That’s why they have so much security detailing them everywhere they and their family goes. They know people from all walks of life, from all rungs on the ladder want to kill them. How would you like to wake up every morning to that thought?

So, you see, these evil people aren’t doing as well as YOU. We who don’t have much are so much more happy than they.

A very long time ago, my husband had worked for a company who’s owner was the richest man in Canada at that time. He use to come to the US to visit the company and would always come to our house to have hot dogs cooked on the grill. He’d sit in a cheap fold up lawn chair in the back yard with his tie off, his shoes and socks off so he could feel the grass under his feet and he always said, this was the only real pleasure he ever gets in his life. The only time love ( from us) a feeling of security, a feeling of real peace has ever come over him. We’ve been to his home in Canada and it’s a true mansion. He told us how hard it was to keep all that running. He had a golf course on his property and many things that people only dream about. But, he had more pleasure sitting in our humble home in the back yard, feeling the grass under his feet, and eating hot dogs off the grill.

So, don’t think for one moment these powerful people are being blessed. Don’t think they aren’t being judged. Their god is money and power our God is letting that love of money and power, bring them pain for disobeying God and for worshiping idols...money and power.

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