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Blunt: KBJ’s SCOTUS Confirmation Will Be ‘High Point for the Country’

Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that while he will vote against confirming Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, her confirmation will be a “high point for the country.”

Blunt said, “My sense is that the president certainly had every good intention and every right in the campaign to talk about putting the first black woman on the court. I think it’s time for that to happen. I was hoping that I could be part of that. I had a great conversation with her.”

He continued, “The judicial philosophy seems to be not the philosophy of looking at what the law says, and the Constitution says and applying that, but going through some method that allows you to try to look at the Constitution as a more flexible document and even the law, and there are cases that show that that’s her view.”

Blunt added, “She’s certainly going to be confirmed. It will be a high point for the country to see her go on the court and take her unique perspective to the court. I don’t think she’s the kind of judge that will do the work that I think needs to be done by the court. I won’t be supporting her. I’ll be joining others in understanding the importance of this moment.”

Anchor George Stephanopoulos said, “If it’s a high point for the country, why not support her?”

Blunt explained, “Well, I think the lifetime appointments have a different criteria.”

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