Brunei to Delay Killing Gay People in the Name of Islam

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The Sultan of Brunei, an enlightened Islamic tyrant who owns a number of fashionable western hotels, has once agreed to delay killing gay people in the name of Islam.

The sultan of Brunei says his country will extend its moratorium on the death penalty to include newly enacted laws punishing homosexual acts and adultery with death by stoning, in an apparent response to weeks of criticism and a high-profile boycott.

This is how Brunei has been dragging out the implementation of full Sharia for a while now. The Sultan is once again gambling, even though that’s not very Islamic, that the outrage will pass and that a more favorable opportunity for stoning people will arrive.

Meanwhile he’ll hire some more press agents to properly explain the merits of Sharia.

As Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah announced the death penalty moratorium, he seemed to portray the change as a clarification, rather than a capitulation to international pressure.
“I am aware that there are many questions and misperceptions with regard to the implementation of the [Syariah Penal Code Order]. … We are conscious of the fact that misperceptions may cause apprehension,” the sultan said in a statement. “However, we believe that once these have been cleared, the merit of the law will be evident.”

I’m a little skeptical that he’s going to sell Elton John on the merits of stoning him to death.

The statement went on to say that for decades, the small Southeast Asian nation has observed a moratorium on imposing the death penalty under its common law and that this will now cover cases brought under Brunei’s Islamic laws.
The last known execution in Brunei was carried out in 1957, according to the United Nations.
The sultan made no mention of changes to other strict punishments under the laws, including amputations for thieves and whipping women convicted of having lesbian sex.

Let’s see if Elton John will call for a boycott of Brunei’s hotels over amputations.

“The entire sharia criminal law should be scrapped because it’s a rights abusing monstrosity reminiscent of a medieval yesteryear that has no place in the modern age,” said Phil Robertson, Human Rights Watch’s deputy Asia director, in a tweet about the reversal.

Isn’t that Islamophobic?

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