CA MassResistance helping parents stop extremely graphic sex-ed program being taught by PP

California MassResistance is helping parents get Planned Parenthood (and its VERY graphic sex-ed) thrown out of the junior high schools in the Anaheim Union High School District, despite hostility from politicians and a campaign of deception and misinformation by school administratotors.

Our previous success inspires parents!

This began with a previous success in that district. As we recently reported, California MassResistance put a stop to a planned week-long program of transgender indoctrination in the Anaheim Elementary School District. Its 23 schools (with students aged from 4 to 12) are in the Anaheim Union High School District.

Since that report went public, the CA MassResistance team has been getting lots of support – and inquiries from parents across California about how to stop this agenda in their children’s local schools.

Shanda, one of our CA MassResistance leaders, started receiving calls and texts from several parents with children at a nearby junior high school in that same district. The parents told Shanda that Planned Parenthood representatives were in the school teaching the “comprehensive sex-ed” classes. They said their children were coming home with lurid descriptions of graphic homosexual sex, pro-abortion counseling, and other explicit and distressing “instructions.” The school administration had apparently brought Planned Parenthood into every junior high school in the district.

It’s easy for the district to use the schools to push these radical agendas on young children. The majority of parents in this school district are immigrants, and most don’t speak English as their first language. Many work long hours to make ends meet. The schools were taking advantage of this by pushing the most explicit sexuality programs they could, and making things confusing and difficult for parents. The parents complained to Shanda that, among other things, they were not given proper instructions how to opt-out their children if they wished, or descriptions of the sex-ed courses that they could understand. When they tried to talk to the school administrators, they were given the run-around.

According to Shanda, schools are blatantly not following the California state law, AB329, passed in 2015, which “authorizes” school districts to provide “comprehensive sex-ed” in public schools. Administrators have been telling parents that schools are “required” to include very graphic, explicit, and controversial material. The school districts are making it difficult for them to opt-out or view the coursework. Although “HIV education” is required, and the law is unquestionably written as pro-LGBT and anti-Christian, school districts have much more latitude than they tell parents.

On March 5, 2019, several dozen outraged parents came to a meeting at that junior high school, called by the principal. At that meeting, the Planned Parenthood content the parents complained about was so repulsive that the principal immediately decided to remove Planned Parenthood from that school entirely.

Shanda was also at that that meeting. She spoke with the several of the parents who had come to object to the curriculum. "We all know that Planned Parenthood is in every other school in the district doing the same thing," she said, "and other parents and children are being victimized by it. Something must be done."

There was a meeting of the Anaheim Union High School Board that same evening. Shanda encouraged the parents to attend that meeting and demand that that the School Board remove Planned Parenthood from all the schools in the district. The parents agreed!


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