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Cafe Told to Close Reopens as ‘Private Club’ in Defiance of Coronavirus Orders

( Breitbart )

Rae’s Cafe, an eatery in Blue Springs, Missouri, that was ordered to close by Jackson County on Friday, closed to the public Saturday but apparently reopened, declaring itself a “private club.”

“Jackson County ordered the owner of the cafe to close because it received repeated violations of the county’s COVID-19 order,” KSHB reported Saturday.

According to the outlet, one of its photographers found a sign on the establishment’s door saying members had to pay a $1 fee to enter.

A Twitter user shared a picture of the sign that read, “Welcome to Rae’s Private Club,” and said masks were not allowed.

“By entering this club you admit that you are not a member of the general public. By signing your name, you record your membership and attendance. You also assume any and all risks of disease transmission,” it continued:

@jeffreyatucker Here's how one small business (Rae's cafe in Blue Springs, MO) is fighting back. — PT (@PKThomahawk) September 4, 2021

Rae’s Cafe appeared to confirm the private club in a Facebook post Monday that said, “Club membership sign ups are 8-2.”

The latest order issued by the county in August applied to places of public accommodation, including “any place or business offering or holding out to the general public goods, services, privileges, facilities advantages or accommodations for the peace, comfort, health, welfare, and safety of the general public.”

The order added, “Public accommodation shall not include a private club or a place of public accommodation owned and operated on behalf of a religious corporation, association or society.”

Last week, the cafe’s owner refused to comply with the mask order and continued seating her customers.

“I have not honored the mask mandate this round. I did the entire last round. She came in Friday, issued me a warning, a ticket, and a court date. Same thing again Monday, another ticket and a court date,” Amanda Wohletz said:

In regard to the mask mandate, Wohletz noted, “It didn’t work the first time. It hasn’t worked in two years so why are you going to keep making restaurants and bars suffer? They’ve already suffered for so long,” she stated.

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