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California College Foots Bill for Penile, Vaginal, Other Surgeries for Trans Students

The University of California San Diego (UCSD) wants to pay for “gender-affirming” treatment for students who identify as transgender, including penile and vaginal surgeries.

And it is likely that Joe Biden’s expansion of the federal Title IX statute that protects females from discrimination based on sex to include “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” could make this happen.

It’s likely that Biden’s proposed Title IX rule would make this mandatory for all colleges & universities, under the guise of “it’s now Title IX sex discrimination to provide health care but exclude “gender identity affirming” care.” Comment on the rule: — Candice Jackson (@CEJacksonLaw) July 17, 2022

The Red State website reported on the decision and a guide the school issued to inform the student body:

The University of California San Diego wants to help its students get operations on their tops and bottoms. Therefore, the school has published a guide. For female students who’d like their breasts removed — or a penis made from arm skin — and for males who prefer a vagina fashioned from their penis, the system will assist. As indicated at, the Student Health Insurance Plan covers the operations as well as “hormone therapy.”

Other benefits for students who want to “change” their biological sex include vocal training, laser hair removal, tracheal shaves, and fertility preservation.

For those seeking to go from male to female, procedures include “facial” treatment such as brow lift, forehead contouring, cheek implants jaw and/or chin reshaping, lip alterations, hairline treatment, and rhinoplasty.

The female-to-male wish list includes augmentation thyroid chondroplasty, chin implant, and jaw implant.

Red State reported that some travel expenses will also be paid for: a maximum of six trips. This includes up to $250 for round-trip airfare tickets.

The Healthline website describes some of these procedures:

Penile inversion involves using the penile skin to form the neovagina. The labia major and minora are primarily made from scrotal tissue. This results in a sensate vagina and labia. Rectosigmoid vaginoplasty involves the use of intestinal tissue to form the vaginal wall. This technique is sometimes used in conjunction with penile inversion. Intestinal tissue helps when penile and scrotal tissue is scarce. Phalloplasty involves using a skin graft to elongate the neopenis to 5-8 inches. The common donor sites for the skin graft are the forearm, thigh, abdomen, and upper back.
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