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California Drought Continues Despite Spring Sierra Snow

( Breitbart )

California’s drought continues, with the state’s snowpack only at 35% of the historical average, despite heavy snows in the Sierra Nevada that doubled the entire snowfall for the first quarter of the year.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported:

The recent storm that brought wet weather to the Bay Area last week dumped an “impressive” amount of snow on the Sierra Nevada for the month of April, said the National Weather Service. The storm dumped 31.1 inches of snow, increasing April’s snowfall total to 76 inches — “almost double what we received January through March,” the UC Berkeley Central Sierra Snow Lab tweeted Friday. … This month’s storms also helped bring precipitation totals above average for the month of April in the Bay Area. But it wasn’t enough to reverse the state’s drought, meteorologists said.

The state has been in a drought for the past three years, ever since the wet winters of 2017 and 2018. Over the weekend, record temperatures were recorded in Los Angeles, as a heat wave rocked Southern California.

Despite a staggering historic budget surplus, California’s Democrat-run government has done almost nothing recently to increase the state’s capacity to store water runoff from the mountains. While the state’s population and water needs have continued to grow, California has declined to increase the number of dams and reservoirs, bowing to environmental concerns about their impact.

California residents are expected to face water restrictions this year as the state struggles to manage with less water.

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