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Canada’s Parliament votes to call Putin’s war a ‘genocide’

The Canadian House of Commons declared Russia’s actions in Ukraine a “genocide” on Wednesday, listing alleged crimes including killing civilians, descreating bodies, kidnapping children, torture and rape.

The lawmakers unanimously approved the measure, which said there is “ample evidence of systematic and massive war crimes and crimes against humanity being committed against the people of Ukraine.”

The motion said the actions are taking place under the directive of Russian President Vladimir Putin through his armed forces.

Canada has joined other Western countries in implementing harsh sanctions on Russia for its actions, also providing aid to Ukraine as Russia’s war extends into its third month.

Canada’s resolution also comes weeks after President Biden said Russia’s actions were a “genocide” and called Putin a “war criminal.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said earlier this month that it was “absolutely right” that more people were using the term genocide to describe Russia’s war.

Thousands of Ukrainian have died during the conflict, with many more still trapped in war-torn regions.

Ukrainian officials have been pleading for humanitarian corridors so citizens can escape cities such as Mariupol, which came under fierce Russian attacks for weeks.

Russia blames Ukraine for the lack of humanitarian routes, however Ukraine says Russia has been targeting those bringing aid into Ukraine and civilians trying to flee the country.

The war has caused the largest migration crisis in Europe since World War II, with more than five million Ukrainians leaving their country.

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