Care to See What's in the $1.6 Billion Infrastructure Bill We Will Pay For?

Senator Kennedy says: The $1.6T Infrastructure bill is really a "Green New Deal, Welfare, and Infrastructure bill (only $100B or 23%). It's all Designed to HURT THE AMERICAN MIDDLE-CLASS PEOPLE, because it's not paid for, we have to borrow $400B from China (our enemy, who are glad to help us screw our people by raising our taxes and inflation on the middle class). There is a fee placed on everything from Pharmaceutical drugs to electronics to food to make us poorer.

Car mileage trackers to tax you per mile! and breathalyzers put in cars to increase the cost. Bailing out Blue States -- pensions that were robbed, we are replenishing., rebuilding blue cities that were destroyed from ANTIFA/BLM. Taxing businesses and workers giving us one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world--meaning very few foreign companies will want to invest here, and more American companies will go overseas (GM is packing their bags as you read this, because they know what's coming!).

Increase in the Death Tax, two years of free college, amnesty for illegals, 10K new IRS agents, tax cuts for rich people (yes, Democrats gave a tax cut for rich people), hire young people for Civilian Climate Corp, $1 Billion to encourage people to recycle, $7.5B to build EV charging stations when only 3% of cars on the road are EV's which are mainly in California. $40B in Mass transit on top of $65B already given in the Covid bill--why, because they want to build "Smart Cities" and spend that money on cameras on every street corner--not for mass transit, $14B in free internet service for poor families--most of it will come back in campaign contributions from Internet companies, $73B for Green New Deal to make all Electric Grids like California's that has the highest costs of anyone and the most brown outs. Additionally, most non-infrastructure money will be going to blue states to "build them back better" with all that Smart City technology because Democrats are easier to control than Republicans. Further, it makes Transgenders a protective class that has nothing to do with an infrastructure bill, cuts Medicare by $9 BILLION to help pay for this Infrastructure bill (but Democrats in-turn, want to give "Medicare for All" after these cuts will be giving you Advil for knee pain because steroid shots cost too much! This bill will increase inflation causing most things to rise significantly in price, thus hurting the middle class and poor.

All this money in the infrastructure bill will "circle back" into the pockets of the corrupt. Schumer lied saying $1T goes into infrastructure when only $100B does.

People will not be able to sustain their current lifestyle, more homeless, your retirement will be a nightmare and quality medical care will be for the elite only. This extreme agenda is a blueprint for a country that is not for the people. Call the politicians who vote for this and give them a piece of your mind.

This Infrastructure bill now goes to the Democrat Controlled House of Congress for final approval--it is our last chance to stop its passage! So, send this to all Democrat family and friend voters. Just the cuts to Medicare to pay for this should be enough for Democrat voters to tell their Democrat Reps in Congress--"Vote No!" on passage of this bill until the price tag comes down to $100B for infrastructure only!

Here are the 17 Traitorous RINO's who voted to advance this Infrastructure bill for passage:

  • Roy Blunt of Missouri

  • Richard Burr of North Carolina

  • Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia

  • Bill Cassidy of Louisiana

  • Susan Collins of Maine

  • Kevin Cramer of North Dakota

  • Mike Crapo of Idaho

  • Lindsey Graham of South Carolina

  • Chuck Grassley of Iowa

  • John Hoeven of North Dakota

  • Mitch McConnell of Kentucky

  • Lisa Murkowski of Alaska

  • Rob Portman of Ohio

  • Jim Risch of Idaho

  • Mitt Romney of Utah

  • Thom Tillis of North Carolina

  • Todd Young of Indiana

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