CDC Data Shows Suicide, Overdose, Flu All Kill More Children Than COVID-19

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A recently-released CDC dataset detailing provisional COVID deaths by age from January 1st, 2020 to September 15th, 2021 appear to show that less child deaths were linked to COVID in that time-frame than would have died from the flu in a typical year.

Comparing this dataset to CDC’s WONDER database, it is clear that COVID-19 accounts for a lower percentage of total child deaths than any of 2019’s 10 leading causes of child death; that even leaves COVID well behind 2019’s 9th-leading cause of death: Influenza and Pneumonia.

Assuming similar cause-of-death trends in 2020 and 2021 as existed in 2019:

The cause of a child’s death would be 9.49 times more likely to be suicide; 8.46 times more likely to be homicide; 2.02 times more likely to be a drug overdose or alcohol poisoning; and 1.29 times more likely to be influenza.

The infographic below demonstrates the 10 most common causes of death for children aged 1-18 for 2019. Note that this leaves out newborn deaths (as they account for roughly half the total number of child deaths and unacceptably skew the data) and it doesn’t account for seasonality (comparing Jan-Dec 2019 to Jan-2020-Sep-2021).

Even worse for defenders of the defenders of the Biden Administration’s draconian child masking and vaccine agenda, these numbers likely represent an overestimation of COVID’s threat to children. Phil Kerpen, President of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, pointed out that a CDC study found that as many as 35.2% of child deaths attributed to COVID were falsely categorized.

False attributions of cases or deaths to COVID has been a regular theme of official government reporting since the start of the pandemic. In one notorious instance the CDC admitted to over-counting Florida’s COVID cases by 10,000.

Note: Per CDC analysis of 2020 death certs, only 2.5% of all death certs in the COVID count had a cause of death not plausibly connected to COVID. But that figure was much higher for younger age groups: 35.2% under age 18 and 10.2% 18 to 29.https://t.co/FTkasFXkZx pic.twitter.com/wUxCz251YY — Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) September 20, 2021

The revelations that the proportion of child deaths associated to COVID is likely dwarfed by that of suicide by a factor of 10 or even more have not blunted the CDC’s aggressive push to assert medical control over America’s children, nor teachers unions from fighting against a return to normal in-person teaching.

The CDC has yet to release official data on the rise of child suicide since the age of lockdowns and masking, but the mainstream press has reported numerous localized epidemics of child suicide.

Instead, the conversation has been focused on whether Americans should be forced to take regular booster shots of the vaccine. The FDA’s advisory committee charged with investigating this issue voted 16 to 2 against giving booster shots to children, citing safety concerns. The Biden Administration overruled the committee on Friday, two days after the latest release of the CDC child death dataset.

The Biden Administration has also failed to follow up on President Biden’s promised investigation into evidence that COVID-19 was intentionally created in China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology.

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